Should there be an option to avoid giving the MHO award on questions?

I don't like choosing MHO when I don't really thing there's a need for it, and I don't like letting the system choose MHO for me either. #FirstWorldProblems

Should GAG give us an option to disable the MHO award for particular questions?

Please vote and comment your opinions, you guys!

  • Yeah, bruh. Das cool.
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  • Nah.
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  • I don't give a flip either way. :D
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  • Bacon. (AKA I don't give a flip either way, and I want bacon)
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  • Ya but gag will never allow it!


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  • No, I actually like choosing MHOs

    • I don't mean abolishing MHO completely, just giving people the option on whether to use it or not.

    • I see, ok, that sounds reasonable..

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  • It didn't used to be mandatory. They changed it when a few people whined about not getting points. I didn't like the change either and spoke out against it. But whatever, it's just a web site.

    • I had no idea it didn't used to be mandatory. How long ago was that?

    • I don't remember. They changed it maybe 2-3 years ago? Maybe longer ago. You used to be able to rate questions also. They got rid of that for some reason.

    • Oh, okay. Interesting. I had no clue of any of that.

  • I agree sometimes I think that no answer to my question deserves a MHO

  • Just let GaG auto select it, that users doesn't get extra XPer anyways. :-P

  • maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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