People who have the highest MHO % have their opinions ranked first on the questions. hate it or like it?

I hate it. I feel like if this site is supposed to be promoting diverse views, then the opinions should be just ranked from the time they were posted. not from which users get the most approval from people automatically having theirs posted on the top of the page.

most people won't scroll down the page all the way to the bottom if there are lots of answers, so I feel like this site is promoting select povs from people... why can't it just be similar to how opinions are ranked on mytakes?

agree or do u think I'm wrong?


Most Helpful Guy

  • For people giving advice, I think it's good. There are a lot of people here who give very wise and insightful advice, and they do so consistently. These users get MHO for a reason, and their advice usually is the most helpful if you scroll through answers. Putting their answers at the top usually will ensure that a well thought out and helpful response is highlighted to anyone looking at the question. This applies to questions dealing with personal situations and people who need help.

    For questions dealing with social or political opinions, I think posting high MHO percenters at the top is less helpful, because there is less definition between a good or bad opinion.

    This website, I think, was intended to be used more for advice and insight instead of opinion battles and political debates, so I say the system is alright. When the asker receives new opinions for a question, they are notified and the answers appear at the top of the list until they have been read, so all of the opinions will be seen anyway, and the asker can choose the best one from there.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I can understand why they implemented it that way. After all, people with a higher MHO percentage are more likely to give detailed and thoughtful answers and have been noticed and 'rewarded' for doing so. If you need answers quickly, they're the ones you should probably go for.

    However, I feel that it does exclude people with lower MHO percentages who might now not get viewed just because they don't have a high percentage.


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  • I have never being a fan of the answer sorts - Just display them by the time they were posted - Sometimes you respond to an opinion as well as a question so if it is displayed by time it makes sense


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  • It doesn't bother me. They put those people first because they typically give the best advice (hence the high MHO percentage), and they want users to see their opinions since they're usually helpful compared to someone who only has 2% MHO. Their comments may not be as useful.

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