Would all hell break loose if gag allowed the ability for users to up vote or down vote mytakes?

Let's be honest here some mytake owners are sensitive and will block you for disagreeing with them

Imagine how they would feel if gag allowed you to rate their mytake


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  • I've been blocked at least once for disagreeing with some of the content of a myTake. All it means is I've hit a raw nerve and I've won.

    I think it certainly would be interesting, even if it was for a trial period only. I'm pleased to say that almost every myTake I've read would get an upvote from me.

  • I've wanted that feature for so long!! Sometimes I just like them, but don't have something to say.

  • I must admit I hadn't noticed you couldn't up or down vote a take - I must also admit I do try to steer a careful path, if I disagree with something I would try and phrase it politely so rarely get into bother.

    • But some people like to pick a fight

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    • I had a user pick a fight with me
      I blocked her
      And she ended up being my stalker
      As of late she has stopped. But she would comment on every opinion I commented on even though my profile is private

    • I have heard stories like that on the site and I must admit it is one of my fears on the site that I will become involved in something like that, you have my sympathy.

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