Can I request what Admin I want to speak to?

I'd like to request that.


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  • Hey! How can we help you?

    • Okay. So I asked this question.

      Of course it was a joke. I even told her that in PM. As you can see it was deleted.

      Now this question is very similar but it's still up.. and it was already reported and was even hidden at one time, but the admins must have chose to keep it up. I want to know why. What's the difference between the question I asked and the question the girl asked? She's talking about stealing someone's boyfriend and I'm talking about declaring someone as my girlfriend. Both of us were joking. Not to be taken serious. Yet only mine is deleted.

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    • I see. I guess your question didn't state it was a joke and it might have bothered a user.

    • Despite the 😎 and 😉 emojis? Also before it was hidden and then deleted I did specify in the comments that it was a joke.

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  • Yep, just send any one of the four admins a private message.


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