Why are there people that purposely want to ruin someone's life?

I use to have a guy friend and he betrayed me, blackmailed me, and disrecpected me etc. Plus he wants to ruin my life. Tbh I don't understand why someone would want to hurt someone so badly like how he did to me. He called me names and plus lots more that I shouldn't say. I just don't understand how somehow can be so rude, mean, and evil.


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  • Believe it or not some people actually bully others too make them self's feel better. Chances are there is something bad happening in his life that really upsets him, so to make himself not feel as bad he is using you (who I'm assuming before this was totally happy) too boost his own happiness. Weird I know but it's how some people are. You can either try and work things out and ask him why he's doing this... or the easier option I guess would be too block everything too do with him and delete him out of you're life.
    I hope this helps/makes sense!

  • Because they have no life of their own so bring others down to their level rather than make efforts to improve their own life. They are affectionately known as ass holes.

    • Yeah, I get it. It's weird he said I had no life, but he's trying all of his power to ruin my life.

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