People often answering "google it" when you ask something they may know about?

What do you think of that? are people going too far atrying to replace social interaction with google searches?

In my experience, I have noticed it in teenagers mostly.

I'm talking about one on one talk, not GaG posts.


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  • IRL I would say "Google it" if I was anyway unsure about the information - My inference is that any information I could provide may not be as helpful as google as you may see here on the site a fair percentage of my answers are outside links found on a google search.

  • I believe you can just report that since it does not answer the question. @xhoneyxbeex

    • There's a fine line with those types of responses but no, most are not removable since technically they are still giving a response.

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    • Technically, telling someone to 'google it' could be considered an answer. Although I understand the frustration with receiving responses like that.

    • @xHoneyxBeex actually, I am not talking about answers to gag posts but one on one talk, guys.

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