Am I right seeing this problem that there is no notification for comments on YOUR opinion comments?

I happen to check by chance sometimes and find a comment or a further question after the issue has died and weeks have passed.


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  • It would be nice but most tome the @ user feature works when used.

    • *most times*

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    • That doesn't work for me. I only use GAG on cell. I do not have the luxary to go through such fancy navigation for something that already kills my limited data plan.

    • Well maybe sometimes you can sneak on other networks?

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  • I have noticed it a long time ago... mentioning the person is always the solution.

  • I think it was always like that - You have to tag to make the person aware.

    • I have just remembered - Now if you hit the comment box in THAT SPECIFIC comment it automatically tags comment owner.

    • Yes, this is the way to do :) Click on the comment icon next to a user's comment and the mention will be auto filled for you. Thanks KDA20

    • @menguc @KDA20 Like I mentioned elsewhere, basically I have to rely on someone else's action. I have no control. over that.

  • Same happens here too.

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