Why do I get downvoted for not believing in spanking kids nor hitting women?

It seems that mainly guys in this site get so uptighty whenever I voiced my opinion on these two topics. I have my own values and ideas. But all of the sudden it's an argument and a couple of them already get overly defensive and started downvoting me.

I do however, believe in exceptions to every rule. For instance if a 3 year-old kid ran over the over the street and nearly got hit by a car, I would probably be mildly tap him/her on the hand but it would be more like ''Don't ever do that again, you have any idea how I got scared of losing you'' and then sterning explain him/her why not. But apart from that freaky, scary moment I don't believe in spanking a child.

As for the overly debated ''should I hit women'', as I've mentioned there are exceptions. For instance if someone is holding a knife near towards where I am, then yes I would probably punch the opponent, regardless of gender. But it seems that those guys downvoting want me to agree with there ''yeah it's equality bitches, slap and get slapped back, hell yeah''. I disagree with that stance but seems like I can't even voice my opinion.

I'm called every single name by them for simply voicing my opinion in a calmed manner and saying why I don't agree and how I believe there are exception to the rule but just spanking a kid because that's the way it should go and hitting back for the sake of equality isn't right.


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  • People downvote for the weirdest reasons sometimes. Once said that my friend was from Israel, because she is, but that doesn't make her a terrorist; got downvoted

    • yeah it's amazing how some people can be so pathetic. I find it so disrespectful when those guys tried forcing their ideas into me.

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  • I try not to bother that much about downvotes - There will be views I disagree with on here but if they are presented with manners I will read them and I will try to express my views the same way.

    • It would be different if they disagree with me but at least had manners. They don't. They go right straight forward into trying forcing me to follow their views, vent their frustration and I've already been call names such a mangina, white knight, etc. before. I find that soooo rude and disrespect.

    • Seriously friend I know the group you are talking about - Just ignore them, people like that crave the oxygen of attention. Anyone tries to shout me down, their roars fall on deaf ears as I refuse to engage with anyone who does not behave with basic courtesy.

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • Most of these guys are bitter trolls who are bitter for being rejected by women. But it's like a vicious cycle because women don't like bitter men. Especially not against their own gender.

    I'm all for equality. And for equality sake, yes. You should be able to hit whoever hit you first.

    Sometimes it feels that some of these guys just want equality to be able to hit women back with no repercussions.
    Of course not all, and I'd be willing to bet not even most. But there are a few bitter, vocal men who would just love to hit women it seems.

    I get downvoted for this all the time. I don't think anyone, male or female, should hit anyone back unless your life is in direct danger. If they slap you, I don't think you should slap the other person back. Be the bigger person and walk away. I know it's hard, but an eye for an eye leaves the world blind.
    Now, if you're cornered and they won't stop punching and beating you, that's a different case. You have no choice but to hit back to escape the situation.

    People here are crazy and violent. I've grown up in environments like these, and it helps no one.

    • The amount of bitterness in their post is shocking. It's one thing if someone that disagrees with me tells something like ''I understand how you feel but, I don't agree and here is why'' but nope they go straight in name callings and getting overly defensive with their stance. I don'tgo to their opinions and force them to share my ideas but yet they do it. That's very disrespectful in my opinion.

      Off course if I've tried restraining and did everything I could, even ran (which I'm very fast) but somehow a super woman with speed caught up to me and wanted to beat me to the point of being unconsious or is one of those capable of putting in a wheelchair then yes, this is where self-defense is needed.

    • but I don't believe in slapping or punching back women just because she did it first, esp if I didn't feel my life was threatened but only felt irritation and anger. In that case, I'll just never talk to her again and give her a disgusting look.

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  • Some people here can't take opinions different than theirs... actually, some people downvote things for no reason or for stupid reasons. I'll give an example: I answered 2 questions, a long time ago, about sexual orientation. When I said exactly this: "I am completely straight", I got downvoted by females 2 times. It seems that there are women here who want to me to be gay xD

    This was just an example, I was downvoted by both, men and women when I said nothing offensive or weird. Just ignore these downvotes.

    • True but it seems that in this particular site, the majority of guys are on ''oh yes kids need a whooping'' and hell yes ''slap back that bitch, it's equality now'' stance. If it were even ok, but it's like they are trying to force the rest of us who don't agree to agree with their stance.

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    • so I expect the same level of respect in return

    • I agree with you, no one should try to force people to agree with their opinion. They can voice their opinion and even argue about some points, but respect must be a rule.

  • its because your opinion is stupid.

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    • Well I like a woman that's career-minded and works. That's equal to me. Equality for me doesn't mean ''oh so when do I get to punch one''.

    • yeah well like i said some opinions are stupid.

  • Okay pathos is clearly in vain as you made up your mind.

    When you spank a child, they don't learn "Doing X is wrong". They instead learn "My parents are violent and I should be afraid of them". A parent is supposed to be the first person for you to trust and the last person to associate with danger. Don't mistake fear for respect, they're completely different.

    A more effective approach is to install positive connections with good behavior as that translates to "If I do X, my parents will be happy."

  • Women are evil and need to be controlled...

    • Children are stupid and they should be corrected by all means

    • and you're a troll

    • Women are the biggest trolls

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