Why only my questions can be removed while others that are really offensive remain?

I've saw a lot of questions much more offensive than mine (actually mine was not offensive in anyway! it was a survey). Ok, i do this survey every week, ok. But it's not offensive in anyway like i've wrote

Instead i've saw some questions that are really offensive or contain vulgar language

But that questions doesn't be removed

I really don't know but this is kind of injustice for the reasons that i've wrote


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  • I am not sure why that is! Maybe you said something your not suppose to! STOP TROLLING!


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  • What are the reasons that admin give for removing your questions - There are so many questions posted there is often inconsistency on the site - I would have to see your survey to see if I think it contravenes the rules but I agree there is a lot of questions getting through that shouldn't be allowed to stay up.


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  • Why were they offensive? Link us to them if they haven't been removed. Your question will have broken the rules if it got removed. It will not have been removed if it didn't.

    • I've reported it but nothing happens. They just remove only my questions :D

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    • Show me the questions, if they are breaking the rules and you reported them then I very much doubt they will still be up.

    • I mean looks like the rules work only for me. Nevermind like i've wrote

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