Why are people so mean?

So I'm in high school, and I'm a sophomore girl. I have been bullied to the point where I am very anxious all the time. I even considered killing myself (never tried though). The two people bullying me used to be my closest friends. They stopped because apparently I am "annoying". I have a class with them and sit right in front of them. They are always talking shit and giving me dirty looks. At first I was like whatever but now I'm beyond frustrated. My school system is shit. I've tried telling my dad but he tells me that I need to ignore them, but it's hard when it's so repetitive. Yes I can be very confident and I'm genuinely a nice person. I hate seeing people upset. I always make people laugh. I will say I think and act differently than others. I am very passionate about stuff. I can be sensitive and laid back. I am shy. I don't follow the crowd. I believe that I am beautiful and that I can do whatever I want. That's just my mentality. So that may be the reason that they are bullying me? Because I'm different?


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  • Your dad is right.
    Bullies are looking for a reaction - Don't give them the satisfaction - It is tough but if you try to do your own thing, they may get bored and leave you alone.
    I have always lived my life trying to do my own thing ignoring anyone that tries to bring me down not giving them a second thought preferring the company of people who are positive influences in my life.


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  • kids are awfull, yes i call them kids if they can't behave like adults..
    i ve noticed that in many groups i ve been in, there is always "this" guy/girl.
    even if he/she seems nice they bully this person. i think its just the human psychy to but someone underneath yourself to make yourself feel better. however i really can't comprehend


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