How many opinions should we post per week at least, in order to make it to the top 2 MHO users?


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  • It's not based on the number of posts you make. It's about the question asker thinking your post the most helpful (or perhaps funniest, most like their opinion, etc...).


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  • It is a percentage so ideally should be a low number of high quality responses is best.

    • i mean how many MHOed opinions should i have to crack top 2... i mean i had a 100% once... but it was only 1 opinion...

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    • aha...

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • It's about quality, not quantity. If you post 100 opinions and 5 of them get MHO... your percentage is going to be a lot lower than someone else who posted 10 opinions and had 5 of them chosen as MHO.

    • to put it better...

      minimum # of MHOed opinions/week...

    • I understand, but it just depends. On how you do, as well as everyone else that week. The number isn't necessarily important... two people could get a similar percentage even if one person barely answers and the other person answers a ton.

    • i mean... if u get 1 MHOed opinion in da whole week... u won't appear on top even if yer percentage's 100%... it happened to me and didn't appear there... even if ma percentage was 100%... dat's y i ask... ;)

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  • You should focus on giving really insightful and helpful opinions. It's based on the askers belief that yours was the most helpful

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