Why are there so many immature girls asking to rate them in the 'How Do I Look' section?

They don't even give Xper points or MHO's. Just a bunch of insecure attentionseekers who are trying to boost their ego. Why should we even comment on their photos anymore..


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  • I agree entirely. I think those post asking how they look or to rate them shouldn't even be allowed, for guys or girls. I've seen both genders ask that.

    • Agreed 100%. If they want to rate people or get rated they should go on Tinder and not spoil GAG with it as they fill up the feed without them participating in giving Xper points and MHO's. That counts for both genders.

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    • Or they're the ones actually answering those questions πŸ˜’ Lol

    • Also haha

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  • The worst ones I've seen are where pretty girls post a picture of themselves, and whine about how ugly they are just to get a bunch of "aww don't say that! You're beautiful," replies

    • Exactly my point! They're the attentionseekers. They don't participate on GAG giving Xper or MHO's. They only post pics of their "so ugly self" according to them to boost their ego.

    • Thanks for the gold star. Yeah I now learned how to spot those from a mile away

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  • Because there will always be people wanting to comment on their posts. It's an easy place for them to go for an ego boost.

    • Saying that with an avatar where your boobs are squeezed so hard that they are close to bursting ;)

    • @FakeName123 ... and what point are you trying to make by noticing how big my tits are? I'm not posting them in a "how do I look?" question. I know they look good. I don't need the ego boost. They're my picture BECAUSE of how good they look.

  • Then stop answering those questions

    • This is a lazy answer. As if one person could stop answering them and that would make the problem go away. As if everyone on the site could get together in a concentrated effort

    • @M_A_X you want some whine with that cheese?

  • Not just the ladies. I saw a guy post the same few pics for quite some time. I think he got reported for spam.

    But yes, might just want some attention.

  • I don't know. Same reason the guys are asking maybe? Or why guys ask about shit like their beard and shit


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  • We shouldn't. Am I dating her? No. Am I having sex with her? No. Then let her get attention, compliments, and reassurance elsewhere.

    I think I've only bothered to comment on two of them. They're being attention whores.

  • Society judges women (harshly) on their looks bo matter how beautiful they actually are

    Of course they're gonna be insecure

    And from my point of view

    They deserve to be complimented positively and not negatively for once

    • Awww nicely put

    • Everyone is judged on their looks harshly. That comment with that picture makes me think you're nothing but a hypocrite, and 3 women have no problem with this because you look good compared to the insane standards set for men. Good job

    • What picture dude?

  • πŸ’πŸ» eat a snickers you get a little bitchy when you're hungry

  • Lots of levels to this question
    (1) The overtly sexual/mature pose in stages of undress is quite uncomfortable, you are half tempted to give a gentle reminder that it is a probably not a good thing.
    (2) The ego boost/attention seeking ones - I don't mind them so much par for the course with a lot of teenage girls.
    (3) The need for an ego boost / will a guy ever date me - Sometimes people need affirmation and it is a bit cold to deny them that
    I understand your concerns probably even agree with 99% but how do you control ban all under 18s from HDIL then group 3 suffer as collateral damage and I believe any boost they get from their question is very worthwhile. Again it is a numbers issue but I would have admin vet every question in HDIL question and remove any posts by anyone age, any gender
    (1) In clothes you would not wear outside in company
    (2) Comparison pics
    (3) Third party pics
    (4) Lastly only allow headshots or full body photos

  • If it bothers you so much, just block the whole section.

  • There's always that one guy on this site who gets so agitated at every 'How Do I Look' question. πŸ˜‚

  • Oh just shut up and enjoy the eye candy these girls post! ;-)

  • Cause a lot of them are cute af :D

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