Who writes the best MyTakes on here?

Feel free to pick more then one, or yourself lol


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  • @ConsultantIsBack has a lot of interesting things to say, and I wish I could read his myTakes when I was 18 lol

    @RJGraveyTrain is very insightful and makes eating healthy look really easy peasy, lemon squeezy

    • Wow brother that's a huge compliment, gaggers are so pugnacious it just destroys my motivation. I was writing up a mytake on how women could be more approachable last night, but i stopped, because i thought of all the feminists and piles of gag bitches that would go after me for beauty standards or whatever it is they get mad about these days.

      So thank you, really appreciate that man.

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    • Hahhaj cause you ain't a special 😎💁🏻 lol jk

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