G@G Contest: What was your best question in 2015?

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It's time for another contest!

This time:
- What was your best question in 2015? Share a link to the question if you would like :)
- Did you get any meaningful or interesting opinions on it? Did it change your perception or opinions on the topic?
G@G Contest: What was your best question in 2015?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1751959-how-to-help-motivate-a-friend-with-cancer
    This one was about My friend who had Cancer, there was a few opinions, it didn't exactly help me, but it somehow inspired me though.
    She died last week, & I only Came back cuz I heard of this contest, not for the points but for the story.
    we had some gud times, I saw her smile several times, not fakin it for the first time, & it was just cuz I treated her like she ddnt have that illness.
    I really miss her :(

    • Sorry to hear about your friend - I know you said you were not trying for it but hope you win

Most Helpful Girl

  • In my opinion, my best question was the question that I asked yesterday, which was about it being inappropriate if your partner had a best friend of the opposite gender. It brought up a lot of interesting questions.

    Link: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1818946-would-it-bother-you-if-your-partner-had-a-best-friend-of-the-opposite

    The poll was basically split 50/50, some people were perfectly find sharing their partner with another person, while others... not so much.

    One of those points being if it was sexist to men if you automatically assumed that they were not happy with their partner. That you automatically assumed that they would cheat on their girlfriend. I thought that point was a very good point that a couple of guys brought up.

    Another good point that my question has brought up is the fact that if you really trusted your partner if you got jealous that they hung out with another guy or girl. Where was that feeling of trust? Is your relationship really healthy if you got negative vibes from them hanging out with another guy or girl? I thought that this was really interesting as well. I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach when my boyfriend hangs out with other girls, even when he reassures me that nothing is happening. It may me reevaluate the faith that I put into are relationship. We've been together for 2 and a half years, and I wouldn't want to lose that special bond that we have developed for each other over a little jealousy of mine.

    Another point that I thought was an excellent point was the question that... where was line drawn between just friends, or something more? One of the opinions distinguished between this perfectly. It said something on the lines of if they just hung out as friends, such as going to get coffee or something, that is fine. But when they start hiding things from you, getting defensive, or if they touched each other in ways that friends are not supposed to do, that is when the line is drawn. It reevaluated my stance a bit, because my boyfriend has never did any of these things, and maybe I should start giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I could trust him more than I give him credit for.

    Another good topic that was brought up was the fact of it being healthy to be so possessive of your significant other? Was it bad or even toxic to be so possessive of them? Another good point brought up by the people who answered my question.

    Anyway that was just my two cents. That question really swayed my views, and made me trust him more. I will definitely put more faith into him. Thanks G@G community!


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