What is the threshold where questions/comments' age get hidden?

Like the title says, when questions/comments get old, they get the age tag hidden.
My questions are at what threshold does that happen, and why? Shouldn't we know the time it was posted?


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  • After three months, I believe.

    And yes, I agree, it would be nice to keep the timestamps on everything. Once a post has its timestamp taken away, you don't know if it's three months old, or three years...

    • I agree.. I may still want to comment on a 3mo old, but I wouldn't do it in a 3yo...
      I know I upvoted some comment recently, only to realize that there was no timestamp on it :S

    • hnn... yeah 3mo seems about right, never seen beyond that

    • They used to keep the timestamps a long time ago. Eventually they got rid of them and it's been like this ever since... I guess most old posts don't get much if any activity anyways, but still, it's handy to be able to see when things were posted.

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  • It goes back to 3 months then it just doesn't show at all.

    Made the "pick your best question in 2015" contest a bit difficult. I have no idea when 2015 started in my questions.

    • Have you stated this there? Maybe they'll realize that the timestamp should never be gone.

    • No, I didn't state it, although I feel like I should have.
      This honestly doesn't seem like a difficult task though. If I had written it, it'd be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, and then it'd be blank.

    • After 3 months, maybe just leave the actual timestamp. I want to know when things happen otherwise it's just a void. If we store information, it's only reasonable to have access to it, I think.

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  • I think 30 days because its old!


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  • Age is not hidden for old questions, unless you view it as a non-logged in user... Non logged in users do not see the age

  • I have a feeling it is 3 months.

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