Why Isn't My MyTake on The Feed?

*I wanted to try something a little different this time :).

Why Isn't my MyTake on the feed? I checked back and forth to see if I did something wrong but still nothing. I REALLY want people to read mine! I'm so confused right now lol.


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  • All MyTakes don't go straight to the feed. Most have to be promoted to become more visible on the feed, and even better if it is featured. Normally it doesn't happen straight away. It took over 24 hours for my MyTake to become promoted and featured and days before people actually started reading and commenting on it. Its all about patience.

    And also in order for it to be promoted, or even featured, it has the be something that may interest the readers on GAG.


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  • I would say it has to be a quality post to show up on feed but then here's some of the posts I can find from casually clicking on the feed button now:

    'should I get a boob job?'
    'I want to dye my hair what colour do you think would suit me best?'
    'do you think hugs are underrated?'
    'do you fall hard and fast or are you a hard ass?'
    'what do you think other GAGers think of you?'

    e. g. compared to one of my earlier mytakes that didn't get promoted or featured:


    but then most of my posts get featured so I don't really care.


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  • It seems hidden to me, which means it's under review to whether it's legitimate content for that particular category or not. I haven't seen the myTake, but I'm not sure that it should have been a myTake. I think it should have been a question in the Other category. Based on title.

  • I think it is reviewed by admin and if it is promoted it is put on feed.

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