What dosent anyone comment anymore?

It seems no one comments anymore just up votes.

It's just up votes all the time


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  • I have noticed this to. I have noticed questions on GAG been considered popular when they only have 3 female and 2 male opinions when it use to be like 15 female opinions and 12 male opinions for a question to be considered popular.

  • I was thinking about that today when I saw first gender point was back - When I joined back in the spring it seemed like some questions got loads of answers and others got very few answers - Now it seems like a lot of questions seem to have between 5 and 10 with the odd big question but I hear there is a lot of No Opinions - I actually think it is better like this, the feed seems more spread out before it just seemed to be the same questions and people all the time. Anybody outside that group would find it hard to get a foothold on the site.

  • I also noticed that. I think with the last round of changes people don't bother much here anymore with typing. The points are so high and many people left.

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