How many single people were present on gag? How long you will be single?

  • single forever
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  • waiting for the right person
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  • Do not have interest
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  • afraid of relationship
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  • Here we go again. I think I'm going to be single forever either way. There are lots of single people here at GAG, way too many to ever actually count. Some could be even lying about themselves being single who knows. Maybe the webmaster or administrator have a way to keep track of all the singles and tell us what the current amount or percentage of users here are currently Single or still Single.

    I think it's even harder to date if you don't ever want any children compared to those that don't really have any real problem or those that want children someday.

  • Loner for life maaaaaan. I'm saving a lot of money on pregnancy tests, condomns, presents, dinners, etc etc.

  • Kimiko will forever have my heart

  • I have been single all my time on GaG, nearly a year I am a mixture of option A and B

  • I choose single forever unless the right person appears. Though I highly doubt I will meet them. It'll most likely be more unrequited love down the road for me. I might as well enjoy the single life, which isn't as bad as some think.

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