Is anyone else getting notifications when someone comments on an opinion on their own question but it's not highlighting?

lately I've been having to scroll through responses to check how long ago something new was written to find what's new instead of it being highlighted on top of the page.

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  • I have seen something similar alright now and again but I didn't think that much about it - So in answer to your question yes I have but it is one of those things that I didn't notice that much, I am not as eagle eyed as you are.

    • you don't ask many questions though, do you?

    • Ah I get you now - I have seen that weird thing on a few of my opinions but very rarely - As you say it would be a much bigger deal on questions.

    • Thanks for MHG

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. That happens to me quite often actually.


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  • For about two weeks now I have been getting notifications of up votes , yet when I click on it there is also a comment that I wasn't notified of. Crazy shit. The comment is more importiant to me than the up vote

  • Do you see this issue happening on your own questions? For opinions or for opinion comments, or both?
    Or do you see it also for new comments for your opinions on other users' questions?
    What device and browser are you using?
    Thanks for the feedback

    • my own questions

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    • I have this problem for my own questions too. In my case, only the opinion comments aren't highlighting and so I always check the time stamps. I am using the CM browser on Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks! :- )

    • @Solitude1 I have forwarded this issue to our tech team... Will get back with you soon. Thanks for the feedback

  • No I am just sick of this question popping in my feed so I gave in and answered it. Nothing against your beautiful self! :)

    • lol, you're only the 6th person to respond. that's odd it kept popping up in your feed

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    • ah. well, why are you answering anonymously then?

    • Because I can darling ;) lol

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