Why wasn't I in the top 10 for yesterday's top 10 exper rankings?

Not that I'm complaining but I checket the top 10 for yesterday and I wasn't there. I gained 207 points yesterdat and easily could have made it to 8th or so place. What gives?

Again, not complaining. Just wondering.


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  • There are two totals running - If you look at your Points Earned by Date - You should see 207 for yesterday. Note this is your total for the 24 hours running from yesterday to today when your XPER total changes for me it was 293.
    The second total is the previous 24 hours for me it was 269. If you look on rankings my number is listed as 269.
    Tomorrow it will be 293 - Your 207 will appear tomorrow then you will be in top 10


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  • The system is flawed!! Unbelievable!
    *slams fist on table*


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