GAGers that have already given up on relationships, love, and or dating, then would you mind if I follow your profile here?

Would you mind if I follow you here? Would it bother you if I did?

Doesn't really matter if you are still single, virgin, whatever, I don't really care, I guess many of us could relate on such matters.

Same goes for all those that are the miserable pessimistic types of GAGers, would you mind if I follow you here by clicking Follow on your profile?

Or even if you are on a break and haven't really been certain and is still undecided if you still want to try by getting back into the dating game or dating pool, such as you've already had multiple break-ups already, etc.

Because I know everyone can and will change their minds sometimes but others can also be very stubborn and refuse to ever really change much if any at all. No big deal to me anyways.


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  • I don't overthink it - If someone follows me they must have their own reason - As long as it is not a noticeably negative thing, I will not mind in fact I am flattered every time someone follows me.

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