Who is the G@Ger of the year?

Who is the G@Ger of the year?

As 2015 is ending, we must choose a G@Ger of the year. He/She can be currently active or not. As long as they were part of G@G in 2015. Who do you think deserves it?

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  • I dedicated this post to the Ordinary GaG User who came here often in 2015 to share some of their time with me. We have had the full range of interactions and probably a few emotions as well. For those who have helped me or enlightened me, thank you. For those who tried thanks, For those who couldn't but gave me a few helpful words thanks, For those who weren't helpful thanks you showed me how nice the other groups were. In any breakdown of GaG users I will be very grateful to have met the vast majority of GaG users I met this year.


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