Must questions to one sex be available to both?

When choosing girls or guys as what you want comments from, do you think you should have the option to only let that sex see that post?

For example, if I where to write a question intended to getting answers just from girls, should I have the option to block its visibility from the feed for male members? (I hate when guys vote on polls with questions for the ladies...)

I've been thinking about it, and feel things are probably best as they are. (For the most part, anyways)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope the other sex would be interested in the answers just as you are... There should only be an option to block the opposite sex from answering the poll. They should still be allowed to view results and the answers...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a feeling there was talk of doing that on one of the upgrades but I don't think it came off.

    • I've been thinking about it, and feel it probably would not be best. I still wouldn't mind opinions, however, but I suppose my answer to the title would be "yes" now.

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • Just put an extra option on the poll for "guy here to see results" then he won't mess up your numbers


What Guys Said 1

  • But... you can only make girls answer?

    • Right. Or just guys if you want answers from them.
      Sometimes people might not want the other sex involved in the whole thing.

    • But... you CAN make only girls answer.

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