Someone did a mytake about Nice guys and I commented this below. Anyone can comment about what you think below or just tell me how you feel?

I know I'm a girl. I just know I changed myself for my friends and for guys I use to like. I hope that nice guys don't change themselves. The bad boys they just break me. I dealt with one. He seemed like a nice guy at first then he was verbally abusive. I didn't date him. I just really liked him. I'm still broken and I'm trying to be the person I know I am. I'm trying to still be nice towards him and not hurt him in any way. I'm trying to walk away. You're probably wondering why I'm saying all of this. I'm saying this because other people are broken and they can destroy other people too and hurt them so much that they become changed. I will never be like I was in 8th grade, but I know who I am. I know how I act. I know me and no one else knows me. I'm done listening to people. I'm me and I should accept myself. It's harder said than done, but I know my acts of kindness just one little act of kindness can change someone's day big time. This way I don't get hurt and I make myself happy and others. This way I can pull through the pain and heart ache. I'm going to pray for all the broken guys. They try and be strong and possibly even changes themselves. Changing yourself won't make you happy. I realized from all the years that I slowly changed myself for people. I slowly became more and more depressed. Now, I would rather be me and have many people hate me than not be me and have people like me or hate me even more for not being me. I will never meet people's expectations all the time, but I know I can be finally from all these years I can be truly happy again like I was when I was little.


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  • That is a very mature way of looking at it - You are wise to say keep being yourself because changing for someone in a way is unfair on you and them unless you want to do it for yourself. I think you are being very harsh on yourself in last part - My advice would be take a step back and carefully start interacting with people, choose your friends with care, it only takes one friend that shows you that if one person likes you there will be more out there. Nobody can be friends with everyone and I am a firm believer that everyone will encounter and make friends at sometimes. So as well as forgetting other peoples' expectations, forget your own, join a group/team at school or online and through common interests you could make friends. I said something similar to someone yesterday don't concentrate on what could go wrong but on what could go right. Imagine talking to 99 people but no connection, who knows the 100th person you talk to could be a future best friend.


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