Do think other gagers should have a weight in most helpful answer?

There is nothing that irks me more on gag then when someone asks a question and then awards MHO to biggest suckup instead of actually most helpful. I'm going to use politics (cause it's easy) as an example even though it happens across all boards.

Say someone asks "How could anyone actually vote for Trump?" and the most helpful answer going to someone who said "I don't know he is a f*ing idiot" when someone gave a logical well thought out response. I mean even though I agree with the MHO statement to their answer is in no way helpful... Do you think fellow gagers should be allowed to over through MHO's like these or have some way of balancing the playing field? I mean we already get a bonus point for the asker upvoting our opinion soooo their really isn't much of a reason to not suck up...

Personally I think that gag should be a place that encourages differences of opinions not for agreeing...

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  • My only problem with this is how do you police it - At the moment it is entirely in asker's hands who gets the MHO, if you change it to upvotes that will favour "Popular" users with friends who will upvote each other so still the most thought out answer is not getting MHO.
    Really I don't think too much about it, sucking up doesn't work in the long run, the person buying everyone drinks in the bar will be the annoying drunk in 6 months time. You mentioned politics earlier, I think if you get to absorbed in the functional or social politics of the site, you will be limiting the benefit of the site for you, It sounds very naïve but my approach to the site is find the thing I like about the site and keep doing it along the lines of the saying "If it is not broken, don't fix it" so I try to stay in the positive aspects of the site for me.
    In reality as long as the site is here there will be Xper hunting, MHO hunting, Attention Whores and provocative trolls etc but also some very nice people to interact with, which is better to think about.

  • That's how it is though. People don't want the truth sometimes and sometimes hard work isn't rewarded.

    • Sooooo why can't we create a new system that rewards people for their efforts?

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    • Here's the problem though. Usually people on here upvote short, snarky, answers more than long, well thought out, answers too. The ones who will get voted for most helpful will always be the most popular GAGers. The most popular GAGers may not be the most helpful. I like that the Answer has the control over who gets MH.

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  • Its their question and their right to pick MHO.

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