How do I ask and type a question on here?

How do I do it take me through the steps I am confused. There are so so man buttons on here do I click on the camera or the bird or the paper clip or the picture frame with the mountain on it or the side ways triangular button

  • You pour acid on your cd drive
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  • I don't know how to either see results
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  • You have to press the bird the bird will send the question you type like how you would stick a note onto a pigeon's foot and wrap the piece of paper around and tie it
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  • Its the paper clip because its like attaching your essay or homework onto the teacher's desk after you finish
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  • Its the mountain picture frame because its like going on top of mount Everest and flagging your question for the whole world to see
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  • Its the camera because you will be taking a picture of this question and sending on instagram
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  • It the video side ways triangle button so people could view the video of this question video and extended it on youtube for 11 hours cause that's how long questions on here last before they get removed
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  • You have to call GAG and they'll come over to post the question online for you.


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