Im new to this site?

i started using this website a while ago, and im wondering what XP means and what XPER is.. help me?


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  • It basically specifies how much you've been active as a member on GAG. If you gather enough, you can redeem it for certain things, and being above level 8 for example makes you not get advertisements anymore.

    "GirlsAskGuys utilizes a point system to recognize every member of the site for the invaluable expertise they provide to our community. The point system is based on the actions a member takes, such as asking questions or sharing opinions. This point system also encourages a greater level of participation with more value given to better opinions. "

    • (I've checked and it's actually level 7 and above for not getting ads. I always get that mixed up, I think that was changed at some point :P )

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  • First up XP and Xper are same thing - You may be mixed up in points total and levels - The points total is just a picture of how active you were and the levels are when you hit certain totals.
    Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy yourself here - Anyway don't worry after a few days all will become clear to you and if you don't understand just ask like you just did here.

  • Welcome to GAG then! You can gain Xper points with asking and answering questions. Also if you give me an MHO (see the little star next to downvote) then you will gain more Xper points. Good luck!

  • Turn back while you still can.


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