Should moderators remove posts?

some subjects are very touchy, and can cause great offense. however, i am of the opinion that such things should be confronted, and not run away from. if someone posts something, some question, that is plainly offensive, I think it should stay up. People who agree show their colors to everyone else, and people who disagree can take them to task, challenging them as to why they would hold such an abhorant position.
deleting such posts might protect someone's feelings in the short term, but coddling people does not help them learn how to deal with people in the real world they may find offensive. Further, by removing the chance at dialog, people can not make reasoned arguments to even TRY to convince these people they are wrong.

i am fiercy opposed to speech limitations, safe space policies, or other forms of hiding and censorship. you defeat bad ideas by debating them, using facts and reason to explain why they are wrong. you do not take a tyrant's position of simply declaring a point of view wrong, and commanding it be silenced.

Who agrees, who disagrees, and in the spirit of debate, why or why not?

  • Moderators should remove things that could cause offense.
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  • The community should have the opportunity to engage offensive people.
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  • other (if you wish to take some middle ground or other third position, please explain it)
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  • I agree with you on censorship. But have you ever tried to have a discussion with some one on GAG when your opinion differs from theirs? I have had insults hurled at me then they will block you so as you cannot respond.

    • Oh, I've tried having a discussion with people with different opinions all over, including sites that don't have even a modicum of the civility of GaG.
      But you can always choose to not return to a post if the person you are discussing it with will not be reasonable, and if they harass you, you can block them (which I am not against. We have the right to choose who we talk to).
      Besides, when they act so terribly, all they are doing is throwing up signal flares to everyone else who reads what they write that they are nasty, irrational people. they're practically doing you a favor, because anyone else who sees the "discussion" will know who was being civil and trying to make a point, and who is an ass.

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  • they should only allow a post to be deleted if it's absolutely bad. like i went on a huge rant on how all muslims should be killed and they defend it to the death. besides that, who cares? i feel like a lot of people on the site kinda need to toughen up and not get offended about every single time someone hurts their feelings. it's the fucking internet. if they think this is bad, go on reddit and they'll rip your pussy ass apart.


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  • Well as a moderator, I can clearly state that there are questions that I don't personally deem to be "offensive", while I refresh and other super/uber mod has hidden it. I do agree with your stance, but there are questions where the question isn't really something to be discussed. Wonderful examples:

    "Why are all women bitches?"
    "Why are all black people idiots?"
    "Why do women hate me even though I'm a nice guy?" (and then you click on it and the post is rambling about how girls are all bitches who only want money and they're all the scum of the Earth blah blah blah)
    "Why are religious people so stupid that they don't realize their religion is just a scam to take their money?"

    Things like that. Questions like that are removed not because of the question's content itself as in what it is meant to discuss as a problem, but the wording as all examples here are clearly all antagonistic in nature. Honestly, just because you're asking a question doesn't mean you have to call billions of people assholes/idiots/bitches/gold diggers/etc. These are all questions I would remove as "Offensive", because these questions were made just for the sake of antagonizing every member of a given group. Be more specific, and don't call people idiots; it helps making your post stay :P

  • That is a very interesting point but if I could flip it around a bit and say quite often it is the language used rather than the subject that is removed - If the questioner thinks about their phrasing, the post could stay - Here is an example a post I expect to be removed would be "All women are bitches only good for fucking and cooking, Agree?" or same point that would not be removed "Should genders stick to their traditional roles in the family?"

    • I understand your point, but I still disagree. If this were a site exclusively for minors, I understand limiting offensive language, but it is not for just minors.
      Requiring someone to say basically the same thing, but in carefully moderated, neutral language, is censorship. the only language i am opposed to people using are things that could be seen as direct threats of violence.

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