Do you think that under 18 questions, should only be viewable by under 18 people?

As a 26 year old, i'd rather not be viewing a girl who is 13, body. Like they post a lot of on here


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  • Honourable intentions but you get people lying about their age and not so nice people floating about not in full view what I mean is in the open forum if you saw someone making a full on sexual comment to a very young person, you could report them. At least in the open forum there is some element on control, I see people getting reprimanded by other users if they come on too strong to someone young. I think the onus is on the adults to word their responses appropriately and occasionally commenting maybe that pose is a bit mature for an under 18. I have seen it tried in other forums but as I said people just lied about their ages

    • That's cause it's free. If the site wasn't free, you'd have to provide a debit or credit card, with your name on it, which can tell you their age

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    • That's my point, they need a way to do it so that it's still free, but that it checks their age

    • I agree - A rigid ID verification but I think sites are reluctant to do it for fear of complicating things and losing users - Which site will a teenager use the site their parents' know is save or the slightly risky, naughty site - Every site would have to impose rigid id verification en masse and that won't happen

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  • most of the time they just want clarification that everything is normal, school is shit these days and doesn't teach them anything about themselves and the changed that people go through.

    it just eases their minds.

    • That doesn't answer the question though

    • i thought it did but if you need it explaining then no, everyone should be able to view every post, it would be a good idea to add a filter so you only receive certain posts but you can pretty much do that by unfollowing the "how do i look" section

    • But I'd want to be able to see the over 18's, ya know? Just cause it's in "how do i look" doesn't mean i want to miss it all, i just feel creepy seeing 13 year old girls posting their bodies on here, as a 26 year old

  • I have asked for this feature. i also don't want to advise13 year olds on how to give better blowjobs to their 18 y. o. boyfriend.

    • It's not that i don't think they shouldn't be able to date who they want, it's just, I don't want to have to see that

    • Although, I still do disagree with girls dating "of age" guys

  • Yeah that sounds like a great idea actually. Put the kids with the kids. Take note GAG.

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