MERRY Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody! How has your time here at girlsaskguys. com been so far?

Hello GAGers! It is nice to meet you all 😃

This is my First Christmas here at GAG. How is everyone this Christmas? Happy Holidays to everyone!

How has everyone's experience here at GAG so far?

Is everyone having any fun yet? 😄





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  • Hello dude. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    So far so good lol

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    • it's the dumbest shit they've done...

    • The only way they'll have me staying for long term is if they change how we'd lose XP points for not signing in for long amounts of time, users may want to go on vacation and hiatuses and not have to constantly log in weekly just to maintain their current XP level and points. Any other case I think I'd just save 3500 XP points and cash out the TGIF restaurant gift card should I decided to leave any time soon because I'm starting to get annoyed with how they changed things here.

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  • Merry Chrismas to you as well. I have actually enjoyed my time here. This is my second Christmas here


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  • Happy Christmas to you too - My first Christmas on GaG also - I have really enjoyed my time here meeting new people.

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