Which GAGer do you think is the (i) best listener (ii) best thinker (iii) best talker (iv) best doer?

You don't have to answer all the 4 parts of the question. Thanks :- )
How come no ladies are answering? O_o


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  • Best listener is one who answers a lot
    Best thinker is one who writes a lot of My Takes
    Best talker is one who receives a lot of private messages
    Best doer is the one who feeds everyone with questions :D

    • Yeah, but you haven't mentioned anyone in your answer. I am a busybody ;- )

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    • Meticulous - yes but not fussy or forceful ;)

      Chatty - yep you got that. I can be the silent sphinx if I want to lol

    • Thank you dear girl for your kind, generous, gracious and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MHO :) a gesture that stands wholly appreciated <3

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