Why does GAG seem to be okay with transphobia?

Essentially why is transphobia allowed on this site so much? Upon reading the rules i saw this
"GirlsAskGuys reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards."

and also this

" – If your post contains content that is blatantly insulting, degrading or distasteful, it will be removed. Healthy debates are encouraged, but blatant racism, sexism, and attacks towards groups of people are not."

Which says that attacks towards groups of people and blatant racism/sexism is not permitted. But why is it that if someone is trans then its perfectly acceptable to misgender them and be offensive and sexist towards them?

Any input from a mod would be appreciated as i have, on numerous occasiona, been presented with transphobia from members with no apparent retribution on those perpetuating it.

If this question breaks the rules feel free to remove it, i also won't post anonymously because im not scared of being who i am. I would just like to know whether it is acceptble.


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  • I think this is where a text box for reporting would be useful because you may be reporting stuff that may not look that bad to a non trans person but if you had an area to explain how it felt when you read that remark or saw that image they may take it more seriously.
    I believe it to be a case of misunderstanding rather than overlooking something.
    It is a case of perception, when I was a mod I asked for a post to be removed because of a phrase used and admin wouldn't do it because they saw it as a jokey statement rather than a direct insult.


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  • Well, I try to hide any transphobia that I see, though I can't speak for every other mod. The site is huge, it's entirely possible that sometimes things just don't get noticed, and of course everyone has a different idea of what is and isn't offensive and cis people are less likely to notice transphobia. However, if there's anything specific that you'd like to bring to a mod's attention, always feel free to message me and I'll take a look and if it violates the terms and conditions, then I'll hide it.

    The site likes to encourage debate between members and a lot of that involves social issues. There was a question a while ago that was about dating bisexuals and even though I personally found all comments saying that they wouldn't consider dating a bisexual offensive and discriminatory, I was aware that it was part of a debate and as long as people weren't out and out saying that bi people deserved to die or something like that, there was nothing I can do about it, and the same goes for transphobic remarks.

    • Of course, i fully appreciate the work that the mod team does. Its just that certain comments are essentially "so you're a man then" and stating that no amount of changes will make me a women. Stating that you are not okay with it i can accept, its just the derogatory comments that can get annoying.

    • Yeah, I get it :( It's pretty awful that people can get away with things like that because the idea of what should and shouldn't be allowed differs between each person and even in the rules isn't that clear.

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  • I don't think there is any more transphobia than there is racism/sexism here. And I'm sure that if someone tried to make a blatantly transphobic post it would get removed.

    And I guess its acceptable to "misgender" trans people cause so many people agree with it. And you have to realize that presenting a controversial opinion is not the same as attacking someone.

  • Could you give an example of what you would define as transphobia which is allowed around here?

    • Being told that im not a girl and will always be a man comes up as the common example.

    • That has nothing to do with transphobia, but with refusing the notion that someone is "born in the wrong body".

      If they say it harshly, its antagonistic - but if they just state their disbelief/disagreement of said notion then it is their good right to do so.

  • In reality it's your opinion and if you're referring to what I say then it's not insulting or meant to be.

    • And racism can be perceived just as an opinion. But its not allowed and is seen as bad.

    • I think that gag removes things that are directly insulting. If you say "I hate X race" then you're racist obviously same goes with saying if you hate trans. I said I don't believe that you can change your gender which is my opinion and that is not aimed specifically at anyone; direct threats are removed and I think that's about it

  • Not sure what you feel has been hostile towards transgenders on this site. I saw a bunch of "would you date a transgender" questions earlier, however those are asking for opinions and honestly answering a question - whether it is an answer people want or not - is not a bad thing.

    Apart from the above I saw nothing condescending towards "transgenders". As for your allegation that they are misgendered etc, that is probably a topic where people have split opinions still.


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  • It just this one person!

  • That's really unfortunate. If this site is against bullying, then they should be against ALL forms of bullying.

    Also, transphobia is a form of sexism since it's attacking someone based on their gender. So if the rules say sexism isn't allowed, then most transphobic comments should be taken down.

    Sorry you have to deal with people's rude and hateful comments. But you do have supporters out here!

    • You're really awesome anonymous woman.

    • Thank you for the compliment @RedThread, but I wish more people felt this way. Being against bullying is basic human politeness. I don't feel like I'm being awesome or special, I'm just being nice.

      If I call someone "Daniel" and he says "call me Danny," then I call him Danny. If i call him Daniel and he says "actually I go by Sarah and female pronouns," then I make an effort to call her Sarah.

      I've seen plenty of people misgender animals, and when the pet owner corrects them, they switch to using correct pronouns. Why is it so hard with people then?

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