Whats up with the feminist questions on here?

Everytime i come here there's a question about femnists,
girls have more power than guys
guys have more power than girls

Whats up with that?
there at least 60 my takes about it in a month.


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  • Meh, I don't really read my takes. Now I'm glad I don't.
    Gender discussions bore me to death. Why can't people just accept the fact that woman and mare ARE different, however it doesn't mean that one is superior to the other.


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  • I may be wrong but it does seem to be the number one issue and also the most divisive - I do try to see both sides but I find them both very entrenched.

    • Let me reply here since question is closed.

      Go date following what ur taught and experience actuality of things. Men don't want t play a rugged game where the house (woman) wins undeservingly. Women these days make u a worker to give her a better life and don't appreciate, and are overbearing to men. They divorce when things get sour or her relationship falls short of her unrealistic ideology of love perpetrated by the media. A fantasy. They also treat men's money like it grows on trees and expects u to pay for everything while she makes the same money. Women aren't fucking equal to men or they'd perform and be under the same high standards men are held at. Feminism won't even need to start because they performed and put in the work! Not western women (especially the attractive ones) are garbage. I use to think women were eqaul even a yr ago cause I was taght this but I csnt deny reality. I question things.

    • And they get half of ur money she was never part of and courts give her the children 90 percent of the time. Women also file fr divorce 80 percent plus of the time. So, u play the clown and pay for her shit and when ur not good enough (she'll think this comparing u to Hollywood standards of love and romance or their rich bfs) and when u don't meet that standard, she realised devorce will gain her independence through taking ur money and the kids. Now she doest need u, got thr kids and the money... plus she's fucking another man by now. Few women are tolerate and loving when a man's down, most will kick him and pretend they're a great catch to someone she thinks has something valuable.

      Without experience, it's hard to fathom.

  • Because according to people it's the cause of world suffering.

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