Are you a troll? Why do you do it?

Are you a troll? Why do you do it?Perhaps I am too trusting and I don't automatically suspect trolling. I walk into the troll's ambush and give a sincere answer to a question that seems a little out of the ordinary, and then others tell me that the user is a known troll. I don't get it! What is your motivation for trolling. Does it make you feel good to fool someone into taking you seriously? Do you get a thrill from simply posting something about your girlfriend taking a dump on your stomach when she was on top? If that is your thrill of the day, you don't have a girlfriend, probably never did, maybe never will, and I pity you.

There really is more fun available if you try to join the mainstream instead of staying in your troll bunker. . . but I don't expect you to pay attention to my advice. However, don't fool yourself into thiinking that others on this site somehow respect you because you trolled me or someone else. Hell, I'm easy to troll and that is not how respect is earned.

Happy New Year!


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  • Agree a million percent. And while there's a "trolling" option for reporting a profile, there's not a "troll" report option for anonymous questions... which 99% of them are.

    Every once in a while, one is so stupid that it's moderately funny. But 99% of the time, they're just a waste of everyone's time. Which always makes me wonder... are these people simply not witty or smart enough to join in an adult on-line conversation with some intelligent sarcasm or other humor?

    I just don't understand the reward currency that they get out of it. Especially since they're always anonymous. They can't even take public credit for the trollism. And the ones that do it just to try to piss people off... I actually feel bad for their sad lives.

    Anyway... trolls are dragging down the GaG experience for me. If GaG would at least give us the option to not have anonymous questions show up in our feed, that would cut out the majority of them. They don't bother me, they just make me sigh repeatedly.


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  • I used to do it, i believe because i was in a bad place in my life. I wasn't like the ones who put people down but i was definitely more of a problem child.
    However i just have fun now, I will for sure make funny questions.
    People troll because they are unhappy with something, i have learned that kindness and unwavering attitude helps diffuse them making it easier to communicate.
    To each his own of course. People often have difficulty with life, dealing damage to someone else, especially online has no repercussions. Now of course there are different types of trolls, the ones i imagine you are dealing with however are complete children. Either don't pay attention or show compassion, whichever you can muster.


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  • No, I don't troll on here. I'll just skip things if they're that ridiculous.

  • The really bad ones have no lives. And that's sad. They're unhappy about something.

    But sometimes, it's funny. It's funny to leave a ridiculous answer to an even more ridiculous question.

  • Sometimes people are so ridiculous that they don't deserve serious answers. I try to be more helpful than not, however.

  • Not a troll. I ignore most trolls.

  • I know what you mean I have fallen into the odd troll trap myself.
    Back to the question I have tried trolling the troll 1-2 times miserabley failed at it


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    • They are just too easy, which is just fuel to the fire lol
      Get em!!! Take their lunch money too!! lmao

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    • @OrdinaryGentleman Lol we all still tag each other

  • Sir you are the owner of a very apt username - My feelings exactly.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence. My username is misunderstood. I explain in my profile that it refers to the fact that I appreciate the fact that I am wiser now than I was when I was younger; it does not mean that I think I am wiser than anyone else. (I probably am a bit wiser than the 14 year old users on here, but. . . I am still learning every day.)

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