🍎, Do you ever feel overwhelmed by G@G?

I have so many people talking to me at the same time I feel like i am going mad! haha Wbu?


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  • 'Too many people talking at once' - now that's a problem exclusive to girls! As a guy, hardly anyone texts me on GAG! :P

    • haha! oh girls and guys! More girls than guys wonder what that says about me?

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    • Then just log off, sip on some hot chocolate and take a nap! You'll feel better! :)

    • haha I know!

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  • ... lol u get used to it after awhile. sometimes I'm unable to get to any messages until i have a good opportunity so i try to let people know and they understand.
    i never find it overwhelming, i love it when people take the time to talk to me.


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