Hell GAGers : Can I redeem different T-shirt from the one which is shown in picture for 1000 XP?

I want to redeem black T-shirt which has long shlev and has collar.

long sleeve *


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  • A guy expected the white one and got a grey one it looked way better but I don't know about what you just described.

    • long sleeve and has collar

    • Yeah this site isn't too fashion forward plus they're having a bit of a struggle right now with money and ads so a shirt like that is a definate no.

      We're just lucky that they do offer us prizes. Most people aren't really fond of the t shirt anyway and wouldn't wear it around because no one knows what it means. Why don't you just get an Amazon gift card and get a shirt you like from there?

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • There is only 1 style of tshirts and the current style may look different than the one in the picture on Xper page.


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