Is this considered a violation?

sometimes i make a "Whats your favorite..." topic and some people would give me irrelevant answers that contribute nothing to the discussion.

"I dont care"
" I dont give a hoot about it"
"They're all equally bad"

I dont mind people having opinions. But I do mind people giving irrelevant answer. Dont care then dont post lah. If you have nothing good to say then dont say anything.

Eventhough they werent rude can i report them?


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  • That would be very hard to police - I have a feeling that Admins are already stretched so probably would not appreciate having to check a load more reports - As others have said Nonsense may cover it - I don't like it either but don't see a way around it unless we get a huge admin staff that can view everything before it goes up on screen but I am afraid that is not going to happen in reality.


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  • you might be able to report the response as "nonsense"


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  • I would say you can report the first two, but the last one seems valid, it is an opinion, regardless of taking a stance.

    • okay. even if the last one is valid, might as well downvote that person. I've never say such things before on GAG. If it was me, I'd just ignore the question.

    • yes you can, you can block and still report if you really felt it needed to be reported.

  • You can report anything. But in this case nothing is going to happen. This is one of those moments you just gotta toughen up a bit. Either ignore them, or address them directly. If their comments are just a nuisance it's not that serious.

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