Why do some GAGers share accounts with their siblings, roommates, colleagues, relatives etc when they could create one for themselves for free O. o?

Won't it cause confusion to your readers or affect your privacy if someone else has access to your private messages or questions that you post anonymously?

Apologies, just asking out of curiosity since I would never let anyone in my real life know I am on here.
:-) Thanks.


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  • On a different website I was dating someone online who shared their account with multiple people. The other people were flirting around and stuff with people as well.
    It turns out, they were all the same person and they pretended to share the account just to flirt with other people while dating me. :/

    • One reason not to date online

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    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear about this :' (

    • Yeah and another person I dated online thought online relationships were like a game or just for fun. They had a "real" boyfriend and then they had me, their online boyfriend.

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  • I know one married couple who share a facebook account but here I agree it would seem easier to set up a new account.


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