Why is there no "view results" option on polls?

sometimes i just dont want to vote -.-
sometimes none of the options fits me


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  • Because some people will purposely choose the least/ most popular opinion so it won't be an accurate poll.

    • what if it disables people to vote? only to be used if you dont like any of the choices

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    • then again, i dont like to see 'none of the above' or 'see results' because the percentage would look weird because i only want to know the percentage of the choices. If 'see results' without voting exists then i dont have to see those percentages. (especially if the question is directed to a specific gender but still want to allow BOTH genders to post their opinions).

    • That's true... I don't know what to say

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  • I agree there should be a built in option - Often the asker forgets to include such an option and you are right it should not affect poll.

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