Ever bother to observe xper ranking page?

It's sad when you've come on this site enough to be on it and even sadder when you enjoy looking at it. Do you ever notice any trends?

- I'm an anomaly. No one writes nearly as many takes male or female and I'm probably the idiot since I'm not getting paid but, hey, I write incredibly fast so it's not too painful for me.

-WAY more girls than guys are mods it seems. I think this is because little girls are rewarded early on in their childhood for being tattletales, (and it's one of the early ways female power is discovered and asserted over physically stronger boys.)

-there's someone on this site who's given over 50,000 opinions. I've had mine for a long time and haven't even given 1000. I don't understand how it's mathmatically possible.

-The TOP GUYS in the past 30 days tend to all be rude and outspoken (one of them is 15 so he gets away with it) while the TOP GIRLS in the past 30 days all tend to be very softspoken in terms of saying outlandish/controversial/offensive things. This is interesting because the opposite of each exists on the site but is clearly not the norm. In this way, GAG actually does reflect our image of real life since boys are thought to be more outspoken and less considerate of others feelings while girls are thought to be sensitive and empathetic to others even at the cost of articulating their true feelings all the time.

Ever bother to observe xper ranking page?


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  • occasionally
    i do not pay attention to trends to the extent you do
    but now that you mentioned it, i've noticed a couple things at least with respect to the top 10:
    *the #2 xper holders for both male and female have been members for a very long time
    *among a few of the girls, they've made rank by giving frequent but short opinions


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  • Someitmes I do every once in a while.


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  • 1. That's your choice to write many takes, and when people respond, it makes writing them either a pleasure or a nuisance, because people simply miss the point, or try to tell you the message you aim to convey -.- #editorproblems

    2. i lolled at that :P sounds like a rant.

    3. the account is on private so we don't know how long emerald has been here. I've had my account for almost 3 years and given about half as many opinions. there are people here who just joined in 2015 and have become gurus, masters, editors and the lot [id say they're the ones obsessed with GaG and don't have much of a life but anyway :P ]. it just depends on the amount of time people spend here.

    4. id go with saying don't judge people you don't know. with some people, ur right, 100%. just answering with bullshit for the points, and it's annoying af. many people though do put depth into their opinions, and controversial or not, no one here has any place to judge them. I've always believed that until i private message someone here and see what they're like away from the threads, i can't say i have a clue about them.

    as for your conclusion, while i respect yours, id say GaG reflects real life in that all kinds of people are present. You see almost every kind of person you can think of, and in my time here I've never drawn out a particular personality type as favoured.

    • lmao yes editor problems. I finally gave in and started censoring myself. people honestly just love to mess with me though I swear

      I like that it's diverse and reflective otherwise none of this is worth it

      you're actually pretty great I wonder why I hate you so much lmao

    • lol i knew you'd cave in eventually. oh ur preaching to the choir. -.-

      pretty much. I've never been on one site other than youtube and google for so long lol.

      well this is new, thank you. oh i don't know, maybe u can't handle the competition ;P

  • YES! everyday! hahah!

  • Very
    Very interesting

  • I've noticed that but I thought maybe it was because the women on this site tend to take it more seriously than some of the men do.

    • that could be true that makes sense

    • Guys tend to troll more than women do, could be a maturity thing as well. I'm sure it's lots of things combined. Women being rewarded for tattling is pretty true as well. We'll never know the full truth!

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  • Good analysis while not knocking it, I am not sure sweeping statements hold
    (1) There are a couple of serial takers, most are very interesting so if I see a take by them on list I will usually read it.
    (2) The Mods I am not sure about only extra point I will add that girls are more active than guys on site if you go by daily and weekly Xper rankings so therefore you expect more offers of mods to girls.
    (3) I am on 39,771 opinions in a short space of time - Hands up I spend far too much time on GaG but I enjoy it and so do most of the high volume active Gaggers I think.
    (4) I hadn't really noticed this that much just a note there are a few guys who are on the list who are not confrontational and some girls well able to look after themselves on that list,

  • You mean this one right?


    I think more girls are just active and not trolling. That is why more of them are moderators; more guys tend to come around specifically to troll.

    Yeah, @Klaatu51 knew how to be efficient with posting opinions, lots and lots of them. You need the right methodology. Posting promoted takes is far more XPER-effective though.

    I was looking at all-time and not 30 days, but I don't think we are that rude. I can think of female users who tend to be extremely direct too.

  • I've noticed you pump out mytakes like u do sperm cells (jk). A true inspiration man! I need to write more!
    I loled at your girl mod tattletell comment. I noticed last month you and I were leading the pack for top Guy points accumulated. BALLER STATUS, jk NOT REALLY haha.

    • hahha we are cuz we are the only guys who are both real and give a **** I feel like we do guys some good even if they don't appreciate it

    • we do man, gag needs us brother, the WORLD NEEDS US

  • No, I didn't know there was one.

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