G@Gers, Given the New Year are there any new rules you'd like people to follow? Or old rules you'd like abolished?

I would personally like to see people use every word in the English language without social constraint. And I would like reality shows banned for the rest of my life. I would also like all countries to legalize marijuana. What new and old rules would you like to see changed and adopted?


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  • I would legalise drugs and prostitution, take it out of the hands of the criminals. If it could be properly enforced I would ban guns, tax avoidance and corruption. I don't know about the freedom of speech one, I think some words can be abusive but that is a debate for another day on where you place the limits. Reality shows they can be avoided.
    My wishes/hopes would be more aspirational rather than changing hard and fast rules like everybody be kinder etc.

    • @KDA20 I'm of the mind set that the less we use a word based on the chance it might offend, the more we give that word power to offend. Case in point, Curse Words 50 years ago offended people a great deal more than today. Today when someone swears, while some people may dislike it, hardly have I seen a person personally offended by their use. As to banning Guns I would prefer them not to be needed but not banned outright.

    • Good point about the words

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