Why is this site filled with men and women that have virtually no empathy for the other gender?

So I recently read this take https://www.girlsaskguys.com/guys-behavior/a24459-guys-periods-it-s-time-to-man-up

And the dude made some good points about not thinking negatively about a girls period and helping her out. But also at the same time he went about it by just shaming men into submission and just ridicule until they do these things for women.

The female opinions were filled with girls fawning after the take writer and saying how all the other men were just insensitive compared to him. While all the male users were focused on how he was just shaming other men. Next to no girls talked about how he was sending his message to men in a very very negative and demeaning way and only a few of the men did focus on being positive about what the actual message was and talk about helping girls on their period. Everyone just focused on what benefitted their own side (women) or focused on what hurt their own side (men) in the take and neither gender seemed to care about the positive that happened for the other gender and the other side didn't seem to care about the slandering way the take owner was doing to the men..

Why is there such a lack of empathy by virtually everyone on this site? People for the most part refuse to empathize with the other gender and only empathize with their own gender.


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  • You are right. I see the same on here and really wish for more people to try to stop thinking they have the other gender all figured out and to be open minded about the opposite gender's problems or concerns.

    I think many people just get frustrated when they see someone bringing across a issue in a hostile manner that seems to belittle or generalize a entire gender. Then people usually get worked up and can't empathize. It's hard to empathize when the other person makes you out to be the enemy.

    • Yeah it makes me really sad. I just would like to be like "Hey this other gender is having some issues with things. It'd be really cool if we tried to help them out." Instead of "You'll help the other gender out unless you want to seem like a worthless pile of trash." This is only one example I showed but both genders use shaming tactics to get people to help out of fear of being seen as a sexist and I just don't understand because shaming tactics almost only breeds more hatred between the genders because they only grow to hate the group that is shaming them instead of helping that group.

      It's nice to see not everyone does that though. The only way I can really calm myself down thinking about these things sometimes is just to focus on specific individuals who are caring and affectionate.

    • It's very easy to get upset when you see such conflict but you are right, you must focus on the good and caring you see in your personal life and separate the internet world from the real world you know.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think there is an undercurrent of gender politics on the side and any questions that fall remotely into the gender areas tend to degenerate into this shall we say predictable side taking. Just keep plugging away examine each case by case and give your view on it, the more people that do this from an unbiased position encourage others that it is okay to occupy a middle ground.

  • because the takes usually only benefit one side.

    • Yes but it's less about the take writer and more about how people responded to it.

    • the take writer themselves are irrelevant to the post usually. its mostly about the take is about, most people are selfish, greedy, and entitled. what happens when you tell someone with those traits they are wrong? they reject the thought of that being a possibility. in this case something that only benefits females but not males. the women praise him because those traits i listed and the men do the opposite.

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