(GAME) Describe yourself in as much detail as possible?

Try to describe your personality and your looks, and the people who comment a smile like it and want you to message them! Don't forget to comment on the one's of the people who you like/want to message you! Just comment a smile and @mention me in it if you like mine/want me to message you.
I have pale skin, blue eyes, and purple hair. I'm 5'4" and weight 220 pounds (biggest insecurity). I like to read, write, paint, and take photography pictures. I listen to metal and rock, but I can listen to anything that can catch my interest. I'm usually pretty shy and it's hard to gain my trust, but when I start to warm up to you it's nearly as if we've been friends our whole lives and I would do anything for you. I really suck at making conversation at first and I'm always too afraid to message other people first, so I figured this sort of post would help me find some people to talk to. Your turn!

Come on guys, start commenting smiles on people's opinions!


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  • I'm Fergus (bet no one else is called Fergus :P) I'm from sunny England. I'm 6ft 1 and I weigh 76.5kg (168lbs). My eyes are actually quite cool. They are green/blue/grey on the outside and hazel/gold on the inside.
    I love computers and I'm wanting to do Computer Science at university when I'm older. I also love electronic music and used to (getting back into it though) make some electronic music.
    I've only ever had one girlfriend which was an online long distance relationship and don't see another relationship coming any time soon :P I have some trust problems and will doubt everything anyone says to me which has led to me having literally no friends but because of this I've begun to enjoy my own company as often it's all I have.
    Despite all those nerdy things I'm also into fitness and I workout 6 days a week. I find working out a great way to distract myself and to build confidence and respect for myself.
    All animals seem to have an instant response of hatred towards me and I've been pooped on and attacked by animals too many time to recall :P @Elizabethbiersack can back me up on that one
    I'm also quite sarcastic but that comes with being English :P (but the animal stuff is true)

    • Animals don't hate me, but they don't love me nearly as much as I love them. P. S. never kiss a turtle, unless you want a nose piercing. :)

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    • @ ElizabethBiersack @RedAmulet The only animal I have ever met who hated me was a goose when I was like 8. My mom had to chase it away with a broom so I could get on the bus every morning.

    • :P all animals are like that with me, they attack me for no reason

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  • I'm 17 18 in about a month. I'm American and I have pale complexion for the color of skin (black). I have medium long length hair that's a little past my shoulders. I'm 5'8 and weigh 150lbs. I have big dreamy dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, chubby cheeks, and a pouty lower lip. I have a pretty large chest but I wish people (especially guys) would look past that and an average sized bum for a "black" girl.

    I'm a senior in hs. Music is basically my life i love just about all generes Pop/Soft Rock, R&B, Alternative/Indie Rock, Pop, Rap, and Punk. I did have a real act for writing at one point but I'm losing interest in it day by day either that or the worse case of writers block. I'm a very opinionated person and I can literally debate all day and never afraid to say what's on my mind. I'm personally not a person that's really into relationships I prefer my freedom before anything else and I'm pretty emotionally unattached... I guess you could say I'm the guy in relationships. I'm a person that isn't quick to judge and likes to get to know people before making assumptions I also just take people as they are instead of trying to change or blame them. I'm a loyal friend until the end regardless of what other think. And although I don't like to be tied down I am boy crazy lol

    Umm... I guess that's all.


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  • im an 18yr old lad from England, im 5'8, I don't know my weight but its normal for my height, im pretty athletic and play rugby and enjoy mma, but i am a super nerd ( deal with it ;) )

    i have thick brown hair and green eyes, enjoy marvel, adventure time, netflix >.<
    when i was younger i rode a horse because i wanted to be a knight with his noble steed, i play mainly on PC and watch an unhealthy amount of youtube, never had a girlfriend prob just because im anxious and am awefull at noticing hints. anyone can message me on G@G but i mainly use kik, just ask for it... im pretty shy with trust issues but would confidently say im trustworthy and reliable ^.^

  • This challenge though!

    Ehm hiya! My name is Yan, and I'm from Brazil, but living in Belgium.
    I suck at describing looks so I'll go with the standard black hair, dark brown eyes, 5,9 ft

    My personality, I'm not shy, I'm just quiet. An introvert, but over the time I've cared less, and talk easier :p
    I'm an optimist, sure things can go bad, but it won't make me mad or stressed. Life's too short to be stressed out all the time. If you care less about the little bad things, life gets so much better.
    I usually take my time answering, to think my answer over like for example on GAG to help the people. But sometimes I get a bit bored of the repetitive ones, hence the short answers on those questions >.<

    My hobbies... Drawing, capoeira and having a blast with friends. And I love gaming, anime, movies in general, yet I don't watch series.
    I listen to many kinds of music. It's hard for me to keep them apart!

    Random GAG fact: if I see a delicious food picture while there is no food nearby, I might get hungry, which sucks :(

  • I am going to cheat a little because I have a detailed answer about my personality in another question so I will cut and paste that. Physically I am 5'8.5 (174cm) 146 lbs (66 kgs) lets say 150 with Christmas weight. I am bald and have blue eyes. I suppose average looking for a 46 year old. I like all sorts of music and reading plus playing 5 a side soccer.
    My personality
    " My personality is that I strive for the simple life so much so I make it complex and I am so busy fighting with myself I don't have the energy to clash with others which I suppose is a good thing because I come across as easy going and positive but in actual fact I am just avoiding drama because I am worn out from judging myself.
    I always feel like a bit of a double edged sword sometimes people like my passion and intensity other times they might think I am way too serious and don't know how to have fun. At times people might think I am bit judgmental in my views (a side of myself I am trying to rein in) but believe me I am 10 times harder on myself. I never accept a compliment, the second I achieve something is the first second of my next challenge and to pat yourself on the back is a waste of time. I have alluded to my history here on GaG that I have had problems with alcohol, gambling, prescription drugs and mental health isuses to which my coping response is to lead my life with iron self control. People who care about it tell me that I needn't be so hard on myself but it is only through minute micro management that I feel comfortable and safe".

    • I understand what you meant with the double edged sword thing, I'm the same way

  • urgh I'm terrible at describing myself but okay, I'll give it a try :P

    I'm 195.5cm (~6'5") tall, so a fucking giant and I don't really like it lol. I'm 90kg (198lbs) heavy which sounds okay for my heights but it's not very well distributed. I've played for many years football (soccer) but now sports is one of my biggest enemies... but I wanna change that.

    I've studied electrical engineering but didn't like it so I switched to computer science. Many people are surprised when I tell them but I'm actually very shy and a bit introverted in real life, so pretty much the opposite from here. I also have social anxiety which doesn't make it easier. My love life is also a total failure lol.

    I think I'm very nice, sometimes maybe even too nice. I help other people if needed but when it comes to myself I'm lazy as fuck and great in procrastinating. I really love animals and the nature a lot so I'm happy that I currently don't have to live in a city, that's nothing for me at all.

    other things people should know:
    - moody
    - terrible at smalltalk
    - perv (but the nice kind)
    - my English isn't the best
    - pessimist
    - I'm really bad at describing myself
    - if you haven't noticed by now: low self-esteem

    and probably many other things I forgot... :P

  • Alright this as close to exposing my self on here as i will ever go haha.
    I am 21 years old (22 next month) and i am a 188cm's (6'1) tall dutchman. I am on the skinny side. I have dark blond hair and blue eyes like the typical dutch guy would have.

    Personality wise i can be considered the steriotypical computer geek with a big heart. I absolutely love doing stuff on computers, building new things , fixing problems and ofcourse gaming / managing gameservers. I also diagnosed myself with Clippy (That paperclip from old office versions) syndrome meaning i always try to help everyone sometimes failing to notice they rather figure stuff out on there own.

    I am always the guy that wants to be uplifting, i am usually quite cheerful and happy but ofcourse like anyone i have my moments where i can be quite stressed and rather just be alone for a bit (Usually the first half hour after coming home from a stressfull day at work).

    While i can be quite the talker i find it difficult to approach complete strangers in real life. I just never carry that hammer to break the ice. Once the ice is broken by a random object near me i generally have no problem holding the conversation and the shyness drops quick.

    Love wise i value true genuine love and i am not the guy to sleep around. If this was a dating profile i'd say i am looking for a girl that is also spontaious, cheerfull , very caring and either is a computer geek / gamer or likes a computer geek.

    So don't be shy if you want to drop me a PM, also if you want to use my Clippy syndrome to get something off your chest, i always love to help (Especially if your computer is broken although i sometimes fix hearts to ;P).

  • I'm like 5'5.. a tad underweight.. I don't know how much I weigh. Pale skin, hazel/green eyes, brown wavy hair. Plays video games a fuck load, big GoT and Star Wars fan. Hopeless romantic, media graduate, photography enthusiast, film fan, lover of pizza and all things sweet, Chelsea/Crystal Palace fan, Sci-fi nerd, witty, likes to think he's a success with girls but it the complete opposite.

    - passionate
    - caring
    - love driven
    - somewhat funny
    - social
    - friendly
    - extrovert

  • I'm 6,1, weigh about 190lbs, big metal fan, relatively shy but I like to go out clubbing because we have a good metal club in my city- attracts all sorts of misfits :p I like goth and metal but dress normally, just a personal choice, it's more about the music to me than the image. I'm quite chatty and easy to talk to, live in the UK, favourite film at the moment is Interstellar, but I have a few favourites depending on mood, I love watching comedy boxsets, I watch The Inbetweeners far more than is healthy :p I'm not a super heavy drinker, but I like a few beers at night to help me chill out a bit.

  • Biotechnology student at University College London, who is into cooking/baking, video games, comic books, and wishes to do a masters in forensic sciences.

  • No one is mad enough to want to message a 46 year old, 5 foot 11, dark gelled hair, weigh 13stone 4 lbs or so, work at a university with student accomodation, hobbies soccer in UK and cricket, good food...

  • Can I reply by message for this one?

  • I doubt any girl will actually wanna talk but Ill give it a try

    im 6.2 in height
    brown skin some say chris brown color so I'll go with that
    im not a big guy and im not super skinny either
    short black hair
    brown eyes

    I'm certified as a Health Aide, EMT, Phlebotomist, and CPR one day class lol
    im an honest guy some say to honest, I believe in GOD (jesus), I love sexual kinks there very fun, I would like to get married but it would have to be under my terms,
    and Im from Greensboro, North Carolina

  • I am 18 and representin' England, have have longish blonde hair and blue eyes. I am like 5 foot 10/11 I think i'm not even sure, and weigh like 160 pounds, i'm not even sure about that either. Music is one love of mine with most of it metal and rock, I can go from classic rock like The Who to heavy metal like Metallica. And from there to more modern stuff like metalcore bands like Beartooth, Cancer Bats and My Ticket Home. I do enjoy other kinds of music but those two genres are my main. Most of the time I am listening to music and have just recently got a guitar and learning to play and have previously played bass very amateurishly. Another thing I love is sport, I play football (soccer) and American football. And watch and follow a lot of sports from football to American football all the way to tennis and F1. I am currently at college doing media and will hopefully be going to university in September to study Film Production as I would love to have a job in the film industry as either a director or camera operator.

    • ADDITION: As a person I am relatively shy and not very confident, but not as bad as I used to be which is good. And hope that eventually I will not be either of them two things.

    • Dude you are awesome and don't seem very shy at all

    • @ElizabethBiersack Thanks, but trust me I am

  • I'm Max and I like long walks on the beach

  • 5'7 132lbs, bald, OT major, Associates in science, loves video games and food.

  • Personality- Simple, Honest, Kind, Not into disrespect, Courteous, Patient (in most situations), Want to bring positivity, I'm 5'10-'11 weight 160 lbs, Brown skinned (Black/Latino) Dark brown hair, Dark brown eyes. I listen to every music genre except country unless it's a great artist. I don't trust much people until I get more comfortable around them, but it isn't that fast to gain my trust. I write, read, take pictures, edit videos, play video games, research, exercise, meditate, breathe. I'm shy around girls that I like and sometimes if I feel a women doesn't seem interested in me, I don't try. I guess you can say I'm a person who will give up trying by like the 2nd or 3rd try, depending on how long she shows interest. I'm not a good conversationalist, I just try to show similarities and apply what I know to conversations. I hate going up to women I'm attracted to and asking them out, takes way to much courage, I don't mind being rejected as long as they are honest and tell me they don't like me, I won't be questioning myself "Why don't they like me" when they "might", which explains my last idea.

  • 5'10.5, 67 kgs, a little bit athletic, black curly hair, black eyes, high school senior,... I'm boring


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  • I have dyed red hair, hazel eyes and sometimes wear glasses. I have high cheekbones, thick lips and curly hair. I'm 5 foot 4 and weigh about 106 pounds. I enjoy reading, writing, taking photos, watching netflix (anything I find interesting) and listening to music. My music taste is mainly rock and metal but I like some classical, pop and rap but dislike most if not all country. I'm generally really nice but I can be extremely mean sometimes. I love bad puns and have a varied an shitty sense of humor. I'm always honest, I don't judge unless asked to and I try to be here for my friends.

  • you seem pretty cool :)
    hmm physique, well you can see me in my pic. Although I have to add that I naturally have curly hair. I am 5'4 and around 110lbs so basically 1m62 and 49/50kg.
    I am an architecture student, hence my username. I like to write, read, take pictures and watch good movies. I am an idealist and a dreamer. But I am getting more realistic with time. I am an extremist too, meaning I tend to jump to extremes pretty fast without middle ground. Whether it is religion, sexuality, interest, activities I always go to the full extreme. Therefore I am very fickle, my opinion and stance changes in time, depending on the situation I am adapting in. I am a sports junky too so I used to compete in swimming. I did latin dancing too, tennis, ski, jogging, gym. I also did horseback riding when I was younger. I did piano for 5 years although I am not really good at it :p
    I ve always been interested in visual arts and history, so hopefully I ll major or do a minor in smthng of those. I love to travel and wanna learn new languages. I currently speak 3: arabic, french, English in order of fluency. I am also interested in acting too :P hopefully would try that as an elective. ok I guess I talked too much so I am gonna stop xD

  • 5'1''
    Red hair
    Brown eyes
    8 tattoos
    2 piercings

    ... uh. I'm sarcastic, sassy, and like to sleep more than I enjoy socializing. Don't flippin' message me, because there's a 97% chance I won't answer and MIGHT end up blocking you if you're obnoxious about it.

    (disclaimer: "you" being anyone reading, not you specifically asker)

  • I'm 15 and I have short black hair and big boring brown eyes lol. I'm only 5'1 which I absolutely hate and I'm 105 pounds. I am very shy but I have a short temper so if someone pisses me off I'm definitely going to tell them what I think. I love to read, listen to music, play the piano, and play the guitar. I listen to every genre of music but I really love country music. I love marvel movies but I hate horror movies. I love kids and I'm studying to be a musical therapist. I hate the color pink and I love ice cream more than anything lol. And there's a whole bunch of other shit that no one wants to hear.😋

  • My name is Emily I am from Canada, I am 16 almost 17. I am 5'2 in height and 136 pounds 😝 (I plan on losing some of that).
    My hair is currently half red and half brown, I have pale skin and greenish/blueish/grey eyes. I wear a nose ring and a lip ring. And usually am wearing panda bear makeup lol
    I like metal core and rock music most. Favs are Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White and Def Leppard. I also like reading and drawing.
    I am quite shy in person and I have no confidence. I am defiantly not someone that blends into the crowd lol.

  • Hi, my name is Mikayla. I am a 17 year old from America. I have a skin complexion comparable to that of milk chocolate (which is why boyfriend calls me brown sugar). I have think, curly brownish hair that I like to straighten, and full lips. My eyebrows are arched and thick. I have a round face and high cheekbones. My eyes are a deep brown, and I usually wear glasses. My body is curvaceous, and I have big breast and a heart-shaped butt. I weigh 180 pounds, and my biggest insecurity is my stomach.

    I am shy, reserved. I don't trust easily. People have said that I am pretty kind and I don't mind talking if you talk to me first. I was hurt in the past and has completely wrecked me, but I am doing better.

  • My name is D I'm 5'0 and I'm 123 lbs. I'm a black girl with mixed heritage. I've got big brown eyes and brown hair. I live in oklahoma so I have a little accent. I have big dreams of becoming successful. I have resting bitch face (rbf) but I'm really sweet. I don't judge anyone tbh. I like to dream and cook. Not only do I like cooking but I love eating. I used to be 187 lbs so yes I was a porker and I have stretch marks on my arms and stomach. I wear a size 4.5 in shoes so I have small feet. I wear a size 3 in pants and a small/medium in shirts.

  • I have mousy brown hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses and tee-shirts and black pants. I am 5'7" and I weigh 175 lbs

  • I'm a 18 year old girl
    Slim but curvy
    Long golden curly hair
    Tanned skin
    Big Blue eyes
    I'm a student, quite sociable but sophisticated (compared to most other girls I know) I love to laugh (I laugh at nearly everything) studying to work for the UN my aim life if to help anyone suffering and make people happy :)
    Working as a waitress and volunteering in libraries and charity shop, I like to read and make artwork but I have a busy schedule- which explains why im single. Want to visit India and south Americ, which is one of my dreams and I used to model for sportswear :)

    • Although i don't think we have to much in common i always like people who genuinely want to help others and make them happy.
      One smile to you :D

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    • This is the part where i am supposed to message you lisa. Your profile didn't let me though.

    • Working for the UN isa noble goal. There are a lot of people who just don't know how good they have it. We need more people willing to help. I like you so far lol...😊

  • 20
    QUEEN! <3

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