Why do some here get offended if you post stuff?

why is it some people get offended if you post stuff?

like if they post it or their friend posts "what's your favourite film?" and they respond "awww! ahahha lolll"

and if you post it they say "meh... dunno." or "who gives a fuck?" or "lolol... alright.."

is it cos they have something in their brain saying who can do what? should i care if i don't subscribe to others' moral systems?


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  • That almost like asking why a person can't see air. It could be that you responded to one of their questions and it got them butt hurt. Or it could be their mentality

  • Sometimes it can seem like that - You see that in a lot of questions they become an internal group chat - If you do that you have to be inclusive or else people feel left out

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