Have you ever dealt with someone really unreasonable here and what is your worst experience?

I've had a girl ask for advice, then put a quite antagonistic argument to me, but block me from answering so it looks like I just have nothing to say. I found that extremely manipulative!

What is your worst experience with a GAGer?

by the way, I think the vast majority of you are lovely :)


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  • Not so much an argument or blocking thing but I got caught in two conversations, I feel it may have been same person just messing but it became a two day, three day 50 post conversation no matter what I said or advice I gave she would just tweak it and basically ask same question again eventually both times I had to go JUST STOP, she posted anon so I had no early warning in the end I had to avoid any female anon (25-29) question that mentioned exes.


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  • Most definitely but the encounters are never so significant to me that I can recall them in detail.

    • In truth, I only remember it because it just happened now.

      Not ran into anyone else like that since I've been here, thankfully.

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