I don't understand this logic. Since there's no limit for opinions submitted per day, why there is a limit for questions?

Of course it'd be utopic to ask for unlimited questions... not only utopic but I'd be ungrateful, if I asked for more, since recently our number of questions submitted was upgraded... so instead y don't we put a limit for opinions submitted? Like 15-20 opinions max?

Sorry but I find it unfair for us who like to ask more than answer... it's a "Q&A" site isn't it? not a "q & AAAAAAA" one (Well u know wot I mean by "q & AAAAAAA")... so there should be equality between Questions/Answers...

I know it happens for trolling reasons... but wot stops someone for creating a second account and ask questions wid his/her second one once he/she surpasses his/her limits wid his/her first account? ;)


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  • I totally understand!! I also hate the limit on questions


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  • I don't know how quick admin act but I believe if multiple accounts appear from same IP address they will be blocked. Not only is there a trolling problem there is also How Do I Look 37 times a day (We already have a few who max out the 5 a day)


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  • It's so that people don't ask 50 questions a day, if you could ask too many no one would be getting many responses simply because of the amount of questions

    • Personally I ask 7 questions daily...

    • But I post 1 opinion every week or so...

    • I sometimes ask that many, but I also try to leave a lot of opinions for others

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  • I think they figger that since most of the people around haven't any idea what's going on in the world, everyone is itching to buy a clue and will thus ask questions endlessly til their heads cave in, whereas valid opinions are hard to come by.

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