I keep getting blocked by people I don't even know on GaG?

Is this an issue with GaG or are strangers blocking me for no reason? It seems lately whenever I try to reply to certain people from time to time, I get a message saying "you have blocked this user or this user has blocked you" I have never blocked anyone on GaG, so I know that isn't the case.

I think the system needs a bit of a change. There could be an option where you could view all the people who blocked you, instead of just people you blocked, or simply don't allow people to block someone unless they made contact in any form, be it through sending a message or replying to an opinion/question/take.

If people are going to start blocking others just because they dislike their opinion, the community will not go to a positive direction. It would be like blocking out people's freedom of speech. This website is about seeking information/help from the opposite gender/other people for the main purpose. It just seems counter-productive to me that people can just now block out anybody who didn't like your opinion. It makes it look like people don't appreciate honesty and freedom of speech. No one should be silenced.

Anyway, my view on this is that blocking should only be used for harrassment and related things. Not to silence people's opinions.


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  • I think it'd be a kinda good idea to see who's blocked you but on the other hand, it could start some drama on the site and that's not something anyone needs. A lot of the time people block others to get away from them and to avoid drama starting - having a block list would kinda defeat the whole purpose of that.

    But meh, I don't see why you should be annoyed or upset that people blocked you. There are a hell of a lot of reasons why someone might choose to do so, so why get hung up on it? I don't see the blocking as a negative thing - blocking users doesn't mean the site can't go in a positive direction. It just means that if there's someone on here who you absolutely know you don't agree with and you aren't really interested in debates or seeing someone you think is totally and utterly wrong, you can avoid seeing their opinions. That's not a bad thing, nor is it a big deal.

    • I'm not upset. It just cripples my freedom of speech to reply to anyone I wish to, so that I can express my opinion freely without being restricted. I say we should take back our freedom to express our opinions publicly.

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  • (1) I agree that you should have access to a list of people who blocked you.
    (2) Non contact blocking - Your argument makes perfect sense but where it fails is that say extreme example a creep preying on younger users and they were warning each other about the creep
    (3) I am in two minds about the freedom of speech argument - In an ideal world I would allow 99% of stuff through but remove really offensive stuff like "Wouldn't the world be a better place if all X were aborted?" - The next question is "Who guards the guardians?" meaning who decides what is offensive? - So that means censorship or total freedom, neither is perfect
    (4) You agree there has to be some blocking (creeps, bullies etc) but how do you stop person A saying person B is a creep or bully so I am going to block them even if they are innocent of those charges.
    In conclusion blocking is a mindset and it is hard to have rules for attitudes rather than concrete situations.

    • Alright.

      Well, I think there should be a way to report abusers/offenders to the staff so that they can remove them manually.

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  • It is surprising that you have that many users who block you AND that you happen to find that out.
    Perhaps you don't know them, but it seems they do know you and have maybe interacted with you before.

    Anyway, I don't think it's a bad thing for the community per se, as you blocking a user only affects both parts. The person being blocked can eventually complain of being ignored and lack of freedom of speech but, the same way you're entitled to change channels when you don't want to watch something on TV, you're entitled to skip blocks of text or just block someone. They're free to say what they want, you're free to not have to listen to it.

    • They can just not read the messages, but it still robs me of saying something to someone, and everyone else reading the replies, not just them.

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    • To day -for the first time- I dared to contradict Paris13. She blocked me asap, at the first answer.
      The end of a friendship that never started. :D

    • @jacquesvol
      Well, I didn't know that side of her nor the circumstances, but another case where you just can't do anything about it!

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  • join the crowd dude , this has happened to me more times than I care to count or know for that matter. But I look at the brighter side of this , it was almost always due to my not agreeing with another's opinion ; so if they blocked me I no longer have to deal with them , I go look them up and block back that way if they change their mind and unblock me it's still a no go ; much kilt the trash took its self out. It's a win , win for me

  • Yeah I wanted to say 'because they probably didn't like your opinion'

    But I don't get it either... As long as it's said in a respectful way, they should respect the opinion.
    Honesty can hurt, but isn't that what people want though? An honest opinion?

    • It just seems to me that these people want to live in a beautiful life of lies, so they block out anyone who has honest opinions that they dislike.

    • True
      At the end of the day, it will hurt themselves more than it will EVER hurt us so xD

  • I don't understand that's strange, a person who doesn't know you why would they block you?

  • Well, blockers will block, bad for them if they block for no reason, they're just doing a bad thing for themselves since they won't be able to listen to good opinions perhaps.

    • It's not just themselves, but the whole community as well.

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    • I'm okay with it, because sometimes the same topic has to be brought back just to see different people's opinions.

    • Yeah, and by different people as well.

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