How long did it take you to become a super mod?


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  • Depends on how much of the criteria you hit - You become a mod because you hit certain criteria, if you keep hitting it to get promoted - @missnowhere went from Mod to Uber in a few weeks if I remember correctly.

    • Well, they decide who to promote to a higher position once a month, soo yeah, I got promoted to s-mod in a month and u-mod another month later.

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    • But glad you're still hear. ☺️

      How's the weather in Ireland? It's been a hot and muggy Jan for me where I live.

    • Yeah I will miss @MissNowhere alright - Weather here is rainy and cold, it is not very pleasant at all at the moment.

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  • i didn't become a mod until like a few months ago, then for some reason, i became super and uber pretty quick after that. i never tried to become a mod though, although it is nice to be recognised. all up, it's been about 2.5 years.


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  • Never they dont want me as Mod here the people like me but the ADMIN won't give me Modship

    • OOPs sorry I thought you were asking how long will it take you. I read it to fast

    • I sure wish I knew who down voted this the reason behind it

  • i became a super mod a long time ago, and was an ubermod in the past... but if i recall, it only took a couple months or so


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