What is the difference between a master and guru on this site?

Just wondering. Yep I know I could look it up but no fun in that!


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  • It's all about points Guru's need 20,000 points. To be a Master you have to accumulate 50,000 points

    • Wow I could never imagine spending that amount of time on here for master status. Anyway the MHO is yours

    • Thanks for the MHG.

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  • A Guru still has some semblance of a life and has managed to keep one foot planted in reality, while a Master has abandoned all hope and has resigned him/herself to full/time residency here, in the place where dreams go to die.

  • One has too much time on their hands, the other has waaaaay too much time on their hands. lolz

  • A Master is a disgruntled Guru because we have a horrible yellow badge and we want our cool black one back - Seriously no difference in any of the levels higher up tend to be more active or longer here.

    • The black badge does look better.. So I'm guessing that if one spends points it doesn't actually take them down from their current level? Suppose I could just post that question

    • You are correct - There are two running totals - Your overall total and the second total of points you haven't spent - Your overall total is one that is shown

  • I think it's just the experience level that's all and the number of points that a person has

  • a master has less of a life
    "says the kid who has 2k hours on a game"

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