Does GaG own what you post?

I didn't see this in the FAQ and was curious. Like if you post a poem here is it technically theirs to reproduce, distribute for promotion and legally theirs transferring rights from the writer/poster?


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  • I think legally if you don't copyright it - Anyone could copy it from your GaG post and use it


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  • Hi! By creating content and posting on this website, users grant the rights to that content to GirlsAskGuys. You can see that explained in our Terms of Use page by looking under where it says "CONTENT POSTED ON GIRLSASKGUYS" in bold. The third paragraph in particular explains this in full.

    • That isn't ownership though. Different legal issue.

    • It explains the GirlsAskGuys policy on the issue. The word "ownership" is not used but where I directed you to look explains how GirlsAskGuys views the issue of content.

    • I read the whole thing. Something about DCMA and right to copy but nothing about ownership and right to reproduce.

      Oh well. I'll just presume "yes". Thanks anyway.

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  • they own the website and that was posted on the website
    they own the post not what you wrote although they could claim copyright on it

  • They even own your farts. Even the silent ones!


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